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Curl macros - RobertShiplett - 08-08-2011

I have started a series on learning to build Curl macros over at

Any feedback would be most welcome.

Will we have an area here where I can resume my series on Test-driven development with Curl ?

Any possiblity of running live code {example } from this site for that macros series ?

Will we create a group where that macro series or the TDD series might be hosted ?

Recently I have looked at tiddlyspot, tiddlyspace and - all three have awkward wiki markup. Tiki is very limiting and it's ability to layout text falls back on HTML ( is now HTML-only but that free version is very limited.) A list of some of my test pages is at

If there is nothing better out there in wiki-type offerings, is anyone interested in showing what Curl could offer ( please, not PHP on the server-side !) ?? So far, I have used Drupal + PHP to generate Curl pages, but personally I prefer the Smalltalk Seaside framework. Both require effort and the latter requires some Smalltalk experience. Content-oriented web application servers are usually tightly-coupled to HTML and XML. Apache Wicket is usable with effort for non-HTML arkup such as Curl.. Does anyone see another framework that is loosely-coupled to the output content format/Mime-type ?

In my view, a big step fprward would be to place the code for the Curl documentation viewer into open-source along with the code for the Curl web-based training - is tere any hope of that? Am I alone in thinking this?

Is there any hope of releasing the code for the macro {example } into open-source ?

When you see how awkward these server-side wiki's are for client use, a one-language solution such as Curl doesn't look like a great demo opportunity ?

Smalltalk originated the wiki and TDD; squeak and pharo Smalltalk now have a DB and a CMS ( just as Python has Zope/Plone) and Ruby has Rails: should Curl developers be looking to an open-source CMS ?

RE: Curl macros - curl - 08-09-2011


Thank you for your opinion.

I created Robert blog (Curl Global Community / Blogs / Tech blog / Robert blog) for you.
You can add new topics in there.
If you want sub category under Robert blog, please let me know.

And if anyone want your space like this, please let me know.

And, this is how to put Curl applets in this site.

Click [New Attachment] in Attachment area to choose file.
Put focus on Editor area and click [Insert Into Post] in Attachments area.

You will see "attachment=AID-NUMBER" in your editor.(This number is the key)
Then modify it like followings
[curl]attachment.php?aid=AID-NUMBER 250 300[/curl]
Which means you put your Curl applet with width=250 and height=300