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Full Version: Coming soon: a Curl app for professionals
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A small Curl app is coming soon - hopefully most professionals at SCSK will want to use it ...

WATCH this space for updates !


... [Image: passphrases.jpg]

with each 4-letter word passphrase component as a TextShape ready to rotate in 3-D etc as a Dcurl with no SQL, HTML, JavaScript ... (uses combo of CSPD and serialized custom classes for encryption and obfuscation)

Mouse leaving causes app to exit.

What are you doing to try to both obscure yet recall multiple pass-phrases without writing them down?

Passphrase word components must be chosen as randomly as possible and used in the generated sequence.

Minimum to run app is entry of 3 passphrases, minimum of 4 components each.

Passphrases always display "dummy" passphrases also in the view. User must recognize their pass phrase.

"shuffle" is one of the 3 mnemonic memory-joggers envisioned.

Curl code includes executing obfuscation code to enhance PCurl security.

Serialized content is highly obfuscated and can run only on the device on which created.

No order of components is ever saved: user must recall the order by self or from mnemonics provided.

I hope some SCSK staff will use the Nihongo and Korean versions. Versions in several languages are coming soon.


Note: a passphrase is a more secure alternative to a "personal' password and easier to recall, which encourages regular passphrase changes and no re-use across sites and systems.

"password" is not a valid passphrase, nor is "87654321" or "qwerty" or family or personal names.

Any UNICODE character can be used which can be typed or pasted into place.

One more reason to run Curl on Android ( or your Surface ! )