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Water Picture - ashimo - 07-01-2011

The digital water simulation applet applies procedural graphics to enliven existing images in 2D graphics.

One of our favorite demonstrations.
  • procedural graphics, image processing functionality
  • high level constructs - displacement mesh example
  • efficient specialized iterations
  • exploits processing capacity on the client machine

Make existing static images come to life using Curl.
  • Move the pointer across the picture. It changes, just as if you'd dragged your finger through the water.
  • Try rain mode, too, and adjust the scales for changing effects.
  • You can use Curl to develop imaginative ways to make the user experience more interactive.
  • The power of client-side computing lets you simulate the properties of water (or anything else procedurally feasible) in real time and present eye-catching animation with both quality and speed.

To run the water simulation applet on your computer click on the link below.

Water Picture

You can also get the source code to this application by downloading the zip file attachment below.

You will also need the to download and unzip the Styled Controls package from the link below. The
unzipped contents should be placed alongside the unzipped Water Picture demo source.

Styled Controls Package Zip File