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Curl RTE Install - smtit - 05-04-2016

When trying to install I get a prompt with the following:
Could not move C:\program files\Curl Corporation\surge\9-New to C:\program files\Curl Corporation\surge\9

Checking I have full admin rights and C:\Program Files\Curl Corporation\Surge does NOT contain any existing folder named 9.

If I click ok a few times it progresses ok, problem is I am trying to package this as an unattended install.

Anyone seen this or have any suggestions. Installer file being used is curl-rte-8.0.7-en.msi

RE: Curl RTE Install - dice256 - 05-06-2016

Your anti-virus/firewall may be the cause.
I think other processes such as anti-virus might have blocked the files and folder movement.

I'm sorry to say, I do not have a good idea to cope other processes in the installer.