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IE8 Tab and Curl RTE - alchimiste - 08-03-2011

Hi every one!!

The new curl community site is very nice.

This is my fist question here.

Curl RTE is down in IE8 when tabs of IE8 include Curl Applet and tabs are changed by users.

My colleague tested for this problem in Curl 7.0.0 and Windows XP service pack3 and he verified it.

Some users of our customer also reported that this problem happens in Curl 4.0.x and Windows7.

Is it already a known problem? And Was it fixed?

The video clip below shows the reproduction of it

RE: IE8 Tab and Curl RTE - tdeng - 08-03-2011

I'm not sure what's the steps to reproduce for sure, but when I tried to swich among tabs with one of them contains a curl applet, I cannot reproduce this problem.
I confirmed with with a WindowsXPSP3 +IE8 and a Windows7SP1 + IE8 machine, neither of them has this issue.
Do you have a way for sure to reproduce this issue ? or could you post the error message if there is any produced by Curl's RTE?

RE: IE8 Tab and Curl RTE - alchimiste - 08-03-2011

I'm sorry for poor informations about this error.

I couldn't reproduce this error and it is my colleague that took the movie of testing.

In his case, it is IE, not Curl RTE that die, so Curl RTE doesn't not say anything.

But in some PCs in our customer, Curl RTE dies without any message and IE does not die.

I'm gathering reports for this problem from our customer.

What I would like to know now is whether this problem has ever been reported before.

RE: IE8 Tab and Curl RTE - tdeng - 08-03-2011

Thank you for your information. Currently this is the first time I ever heard about RTE crashing related with tabbed browser. Please update if you have any information new.
If Curl dies silently along with a dying browser, probably this is a browser issue. Is the OS/browser 32bit or 64bit?

RE: IE8 Tab and Curl RTE - alchimiste - 08-03-2011

Ok, I see.

Thank you.


RE: IE8 Tab and Curl RTE - tdeng - 08-03-2011

You are welcome.