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ubuntu Chromium - RobertShiplett - 09-13-2011


I am running Chromium 12.0.742.112 (90304) Built on Ubuntu 10.10 and although my page reports that the Curl plugin is present (using JavaScript to detect) the page fails to display as an OBJECT and when loaded directly as a .curl simply displays the Curl code.

Anyone running Curl 8.0 in Chromium under Linux ?

Firefox is OK.

There is some useful discussion at



RE: ubuntu Chromium - wbardwell - 09-14-2011

I do not think that it will work in Chrome(ium) because they don't do the full API on linux. In particular they don't support the window being an Xt widget. <> Some work needs to be done to make this work. In some versions of Firefox you may also see problems if you don't tell Firefox to run the plugin in process.
In Firefox you can add an entry = false in the about:config page.