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RTE8 for Linux+Firefox7でクラッシュ - usami - 09-28-2011

なお、デフォルトのFirefox 3.6.18では正常に動作します。


RE: RTE8 for Linux+Firefox7でクラッシュ - wbardwell - 09-29-2011

Is Firefox crashing or is the RTE (surge process) crashing?
If it is the RTE, is there a panic-abort message?

RE: RTE8 for Linux+Firefox7でクラッシュ - usami - 09-29-2011

A screen shot is attached.
The following messages are displayed.
The phenomenon was the same even if installed in two or more environment.
Curl plug-in crashed.
There is no report which transmits.
Please refresh page.

RE: RTE8 for Linux+Firefox7でクラッシュ - wbardwell - 09-30-2011

Try opening page "about:config" and adding a setting:
set to "false" and see if that lets it work.
Firefox recently started running plugins in separate processes and when they did that they broken one of the assumptions that some X11 plugins make, this change tells Firefox to run the Curl RTE plugin in the main process the same as it used to.

RE: RTE8 for Linux+Firefox7でクラッシュ - usami - 09-30-2011

If I add this setting, Curl plug-in has started successfully.
Thank you.
What I should do this setting for all future environment?Sad

RE: RTE8 for Linux+Firefox7でクラッシュ - wbardwell - 10-02-2011

I am working on a fix for this problem, until that fix is released in a future version of the RTE you should
keep this fix on Linux. This fix will work fine even after the problem is fixed.