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text-selectable? and DefaultDocument - RobertShiplett - 11-05-2011

The Curl Documentation only lists some of the options that you might choose to set for a Document using {set-document-properties }.

Only yesterday did it dawn on me to set


at the top level using

{set-document-properties text-selectable?=false}

The effect is not what I had expected: the option has no effect on the URL links in the document – they remain active. There is one nasty side-effect: the Curl FIND menu (CTRL-F) finds text but cannot highlight that text. If found, that text has scrolled into view, but where? (My preferred editor keeps "current line" hi-lite distinct from "current selection" hi-light but that may not be do-able in a Curl TextFlowBox.)

For presenting complex text which a user is not intended to copy, this is still excellent.

Also needed is

{disable-inspection-gesture} || suppress CTRL-right-click popup menu

But is there a technique for the final task which is simpler than starting a document with:

{TextFlowBox {on ae:AttachEvent do
set ae.root-frame.context-menu-for-view = null
|| suppress popup menu

Tip: In a large text document, don't rely on the default

{heading SomeText}


{heading level=1, SomeText}

When you have to search quickly, the default is not your friend. An alternative for level 1 headings is to use the name attribute:

{heading name="book01", Some Complicated Book Title Repeated in the Text}

To use that 'name' as a {destination } link, I suggest:

{destination name="dbook01", } || empty, but useful to position the following
{heading name="book01", Some Complicated Book Title Repeated in the Text}

and then a later link in the text will land the user with that heading visible, e.g.,

{link href={url "#dbook1"}, First Book}

The happy LCurlr