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include link destination - RobertShiplett - 11-15-2011

Placing a {link } to a {destination } inside an SCURL file which is then the target of a top-level {include } results in mal-functioning links un Google Chrome, Curl 8.0.

The bug is this: instead of scrolling to the link, the browser does a download of the linked content. Place the link in the top-level CURL file and leave the destination where is was, and the link functions as intended.

Where do we now post these bug reports?

RE: include link destination - c-s - 11-16-2011

Issue reports can be sent to support at

RE: include link destination - tdeng - 11-16-2011

m> Where do we now post these bug reports?
I think here is a good place for bug reports, we currently don't have any open system for bug reporting.

Sorry I cannot reproduce the issue you are facing, maybe you could send me a reproducible sample and the steps to reproduce ?

I'll attach a sample I created for trying to describe your case but failed.
Please run the index-test-link-target.curl or index-test-link-target.htm to have a try with this sample.
the sever_license.scurl containing a {destination} with a {link} embedded is included in sample-contains-destination.curl,

Windows7SP1 Chrome15.0.874.120 m, Curl RTE 8.0.0