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Curl Docs Viewer IDE flaw - RobertShiplett - 02-12-2012

We have not set the control-content-background for the search fields in the UI such that with black text, setting the Windows background to black or anything dark renders the fields unusable.

Setting control-content-background is easily overlooked as the default window value is often thought to be white whereas the default for a windows frame is transparent. When Windows programming was done in C, this was learned early on, but it is often over-looked in web applications as can be seen by making a change to a default theme and then visiting many sites which believe they control their color theme as a matter of design. Not so if the style sets color but not background color for an element.

For a Curl Control, the issue is not setting a a background but setting the control-content-background.

Can we fix this? I have long asked that we opensource the DOCS Viewer codebase.

RE: Curl Docs Viewer IDE flaw - hokada - 02-24-2012

Hi Robert,

Sorry for late reply.

We are not planning to provide docs view as open source since Curl is not opensource product.