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Page 2: Displaying Text and Text Styles - ashimo - 06-16-2011

Displaying Text in the Browser

1. Double-click “start.curl” in the Project pane.

2. The contents of the start.curl file appear in the editor. The first five lines of the file are declarations. The source code follows these statements.

3. Here, let’s write “Hello Curl!” Figure 1-12 shows where this appears in the program.

4. Click the “Save” button at the top left corner of the screen. The file is saved.

5. Click the “Run file” button. The program is executed. The browser will start and “Hello Curl!” will be displayed.

Setting Different Kinds of Text Styles

Next, we’ll use a style to display text for which we’ve specified a range of fonts.

1. To set a text style, we’ll use a format called text. By attaching different options to this style, we can set a color or a font. In the editor pane, add the following program code. Rather than input the following from scratch, you can use the editor to open the c:\Curl\Try\01_hello_curl\start.curl sample and then copy and paste.

   font-style = italic,
   font-size = 30pt,
   color = red,
   Text with color or font setting
{bold {italic Text using defined format}}

2. Save and then execute the program. The text is displayed in the set style.

RE: Page 2: Displaying Text and Text Styles - faris - 01-13-2014

Nice discussion .... Thanks