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Curl as Kanji dictionary parser - RobertShiplett - 04-26-2012

I have a post at to explain the CSV and HTML Kanji pages at

I have had some minor glitches: the API of one call in the docs example did not match the API shipped for one proc and there are some errors now in the web pages and at the Curl pages at (TIP: for the CDK, NEVER use the DOWNLOAD link - always go to Files page instead ...)

The Curl Ext,Misc,CDK and WSDK libraries have made parsing these dictionaries a snap. Very cool. Very little code for exactly what I need. There are numerous features that made using XPath expressions a treat. Top on my list is the as-XDMElement property of an XDMNodeSet. Seond on my list would be the iterators such as
{for elem:XDMElement in resultSet do }

not to overlook being able to dump the parse results as a page in the web browser during dev.

I will try to keep some examples at