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JsonValue versus JsonObject - RobertShiplett - 05-28-2012

It is my experience now that where performance is concerned, it is important to move as quickly as possible from a collection of JsonValue to a collection of JsonObject.

What you escape in that way is both any-casts and any-calls.

If I have an array of JsonValue, I iterate over it with asa JsonObject within

{with-compiler-directives allow-implicit-any-casts? = true do

to create a collection of type JsonObject.

The difference in performance has been dramatic: 10 seconds for several hundred records versus 1+ second - so about an order of magnitude improvement.

I am only using JSON because I have made some files available in that format.

My next efforts will be with using Curl value classes for multiple name-value associations of type String.

UPDATE: a comparison of the JSON to the Curl data is posted at