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CharClass as char-set CharMap - RobertShiplett - 05-29-2012

Over at the Punctuation view required

{let upunct3:CharClass = {CharClass '\u2329', '\u232A', '\u226A', '\u226B' } }

for later testing using

elseif {upunct3.member? val.upunc} then

set fontFamily="
DejaVu Sans"

This proved essential because to display all punctuation listed at括弧 required 3 different font families on my Windows XP (using the local font test player at to "play" individual characters "by local installed font".)

The final font families as "first choice" were
  1. "DejaVu Sans"
  2. "Kozuka Gothic Pro B"
  3. "Arial Unicode MS"
  4. "HanaMinA, ..." || default list
and the CharClass were

{let upunct:CharClass={CharClass '\u27E8','\u27E9','\u27EA','\u27EB','\u0000','\u0001'}}

{let upunct2:CharClass = {CharClass '\uFF5F', '\uFF60' } }
{let upunct3:CharClass = {CharClass '\u2329', '\u232A', '\u226A', '\u226B' } }

You can see the result here: