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{do } versus plain code expression - RobertShiplett - 05-31-2012

Today I was working inside a PlainDocument and added a second loop to pass through some data.

Between the two loops, I decided to place a blank row of empty strings.

So I dropped in some code to do just that between two {for } iterator expressions.

Boom! Busted applet. Could not add my Visual to a PlainDocument which already held an object.

Hmmm ....

And there it was: adding a row-prototype to that table was returning a value !

Answer: wrap that expression in a {do } expression.

Bong ! Working applet.

You can see the result at

and there a few rows down is that blank row ...

And, yes, this is a PlainDocument ... the links at the bottom of the page are in the HTML wrapper ... for now.