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What's this error? - alchimiste - 06-11-2012

Hi, everybody...

It's very hot summer in Korea

I've received the error report from a user.

Quote: Exception: Tried to get a Renderer2d for a rendering surface that no longer exists. Did you try to draw or query a Renderer2d for a View, Drawable or Window that has been destroyed?
#0 Renderer2dProxy.renderer2d-target (getter) (0x05a38e50-72)
#1 Renderer2dProxyControl.renderer (getter) (0x05a51377-21)
#2 PartialUpdateWindow.on-repaint-window-event (0x05a5131f-69)
#3 PartialUpdateWindow.internal-handle-event (0x05a4da46-102)
#4 Window.handle-event (0x05a4d994-84)
#5 (0x05a512bb-23)
#6 (0x05a51206-84)
#7 Window.update-window (0x05a510f9-113)
#8 Window.update-windows (0x05a5100f-311)
#9 Win32EventCheckerHandler.last (0x05a50ebc-26)
#10 EventChecker.filter-or-wait-or-next-or-last (0x04e43424-950)
#11 EventQueue.dispatch-events-aux (0x04e4bb38-208)
#12 EventQueue.dispatch-events (0x04e4b9b5-157)
#13 dispatch-events (0x04e4b8db-59)
#14 run-applet (0x05f3bbc6-174)
#15 (0x04e3ea13-1235)
#16 (0x04e3e53a-16)
#17 curl-thread-really-really-call-run-in-runnable (0x04e3e510-24)
#18 curl-thread-really-call-run-in-runnable (0x04e39977-239)
I made the application that uses Renderer2d.

The error does not happen in all users' computers.

What's the cause of it and What do I do for it?

RE: What's this error? - c-s - 06-14-2012

Well, without more detail, all I could guess is something along the lines of what the error message indicates - that something was destroyed that you're attempting to render to. Perhaps a Renderer2d reference was held onto too long?

RE: What's this error? - alchimiste - 06-17-2012

I found that this error is caused by Object tag in HTML, not by Renderer2d.

The application is embeded in HTML by Object tag, and some dirty codes of JavaScript may have problem for showing Curl applet in Object tag: Javascript has controls the display of Curl Object tag using style sheet, I think it is useless.

I'll look into it more, and if I find something odd for Curl, I'll ask it again.