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Curl beta testers needed - RobertShiplett - 08-20-2012

My Curl Japanese-English dictionary project needs Beta testers at Jisho

Feedback from one user has led to a UI change already ...

Completed porjet ended to be a Curl Showcase and a CAEDE Andoid/iOS app

Please consider whether you have a few moments to browse the dictionary to test the UI

The app is using light-weight Curl objects and multiple data files with NO-SQL

RE: Curl beta testers needed - heavybugtracker - 08-30-2012

When I run your application, I met the following exception, then the "Kanji Definitions" button becomes grey and disabled.

SerializeException: シリアライゼーションのマジック番号がありません。

#0 SerializeException.throw (0x09aa3b19-39)
#1 (0x039f7f51-193)
#2 (0x039f7dcf-87)
#3 (0x039f7d4c-20)
#4 load-edict2L (0x088a541e-362) at
#5 search2-edict2 (0x0995010d-257) at
#6 [{proc} inside [{proc} inside [evaluator for <unnamed>]]] (0x089620a4-4248) at
#7 closure_raw_handler (0x0024f50f-31)
#8 AlarmQueue.dispatch-alarms (0x04ad2291-321)
#9 EventQueue.dispatch-events (0x039fa260-168)
#10 dispatch-events (0x039fa17e-54)
#11 run-applet (0x06ed74e1-169)
#12 (0x039e4d3d-1739)
#13 (0x039e466f-11)
#14 curl-thread-really-really-call-run-in-runnable (0x039e464b-19)
#15 curl-thread-really-call-run-in-runnable (0x039e1d36-246)