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Dynamic Object param - RobertShiplett - 09-20-2012

Passing an HTML parameter to Curl is trivial.

What is not, is passing an HTML parameter into Curl when the applet is embedded in an OBJECT element in an HTML page.

In the case of my preferred Pale Moon browser, I use an HTML page with an empty body except for a JavaScript function to grab the param, create an object element, set its attributes, create param objects and set their attributes and then run through the append to the object and the the document calls.

That works fine: the Curl applet finds the param in its arguments -in Pale Moon. Forget about IE. And I gave up trying to use an BODY onload call to a JS function.

The answer? When running from HTML, get into an applet and call to the applet from there or just tell your final applet to get the param off the applet's URL and not from arguments. Or create the final page dynamically on the server-side and not fynamically in the client-side.

Any thoughts ? Someone have a universal alkahest for all browsers?

As to where this comes up: searching for Japanese kanji words and exceptions in the correct target applet - and landing on the target expression in a pane of that target applet.

And there are subapplet options, async worker options ... on which subjects, more to follow soon.