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Curl in Chrome browser - RobertShiplett - 12-03-2012

With the latest update to either Chrome or Curl, my Curl applets ceased to run with the symptom of undetected plugin.

Since Chrome is not listing the plugin ( wise Google considers it a "seldom used plugin" ?!? ) I have had to go to the inner URL


and set the Curl plugins to ALWAYS RUN

Note : they were NOT disabled even on that page !

Unlike Java, the user gets no notice that permission is required and no "Kodak-gray-puzzle-piece" came up to request permission as in the case of say, Ad_be Fl_sh, under my Chrome settings.

Should we add this to a note for first-time downloaders ?

RE: Curl in Chrome browser - Gerry22 - 01-10-2013

Is cURL outputting the user agent string exactly the same as your browser?

Reason i ask is yahoo are known for not liking some browsers and if they
can't recognise a browser (eg curl screws up the name or puts in a line
terminator) then their configuration might not want to serve you /

They don't like Seamonkey at all and refuse to allow it access to the new yahoo.