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RAM netbook linux and Curl - RobertShiplett - 02-19-2013

Yesterday my 5.4.1 Precise Puppy linux on my netbook SSD upgraded a new SD card to 5.4.3 Precise.

The reason to do this is that the SD card is going to load into RAM and run fast with few writes (it is a SanDisk 16GB Class 10 with a high read rate.)

After a little tinkering this morning, my Curl app's are back up and running in the SeaMonkey browser. This was also a chance to tweak some Japanese fonts for both HTML and Curl pages running on this Deb/Ubuntu variant.

Curl would not run in Chrome even after tinkering with the "root" data targets - so SeaMonkey it is. I may look for a variant "Chromium" build that will tolerate the netbook user being root (a Puppy Linux 'feature'.)