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Page 7: Summary - ashimo - 06-20-2011

TRY 6 Summary

Convenient functions for creating a layout
  • TabContainer
  • TabAccordion

Curl file extensions

  • Leftover space in a layout can be taken up with Fill
  • Objects that can stretch or contract are created using the make-elastic expression for their height and width

Procedure definition

{define-proc {procedure_name [argument_1, argument_2, …]}: return_value

  1. Positional arguments... must supply a value for each argument. The number, data type, and order of positional arguments in a function call must match those in the function definition
  2. Keyword arguments... have default values. If a caller does not specify a value for a keyword argument, the function uses the default value
  3. Rest arguments... allows functions to accept an unlimited number of arguments. A rest argument is not individually named in the function definition. Instead, three periods (...) at the end of the list of arguments indicate that a function accepts rest arguments.