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Missing context menu item? - RobertShiplett - 03-04-2013

When Curl came to the browser, we did not have FULL Screen as an option.

On Puppy Linux running SeaMonkey browser in a (1 + n) workspace, a TOC Curl document sent to full-screen with F11 leaves no path out as the X jwm fails to detect workspace toggle keys in this scenario so as to navigatte to another workspace. With no response to F11 toggle, the best alternative looks to me to be a context menu item that comes active when browser is fullscreen to escape fullscreen by sending the req up to the browser.

The only key combo that works, AFAIK, is ALT-F6 to minimize Seamonkey

The downside is that maximize brings back SM but not fullscreen

It is a Curl ebook reader annoyance (not as serious as the lack of ruby characters for furigana, but ...)

Eventually this may emerge as a Dcurl issue. Is it already an Android issue ?