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fullscreen in a linux workspace = trapped ? - RobertShiplett - 03-04-2013

Per my blog post, is there a known Ubuntu approach to capturing wm keystrokes once a Curl page is fullscreen?

In the past I have used an HTML wrapper page with the embedded Object in a div that is a bit less than 100% height to leave access to an HTML context menu or to use a body margin for the same ( as I recall )

Have I forgotten something here ? I was stumped as the func key for jwm X menu offered no help for swapping workspace ( I needed google to fact-check something in the Curl TOC document ebook that I had built in French - but I was stuck ! )

scenario : all SeaMonkey "view" options set OFF in the ebook workspace so as to max the view of the Curl TOC "ebook" which is formatted with Curl as the markup.