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server-side Curl issue : TocDocument - RobertShiplett - 05-21-2013

The draft of my post on emitting Curl from Seaside 3 was "saved" to the bit-bucket ?

Ah well ... one aspect of TocDocument class not being in open source and {document-style} proc not being in open source is that the class TocTreeNode is undocumented.

In the absence of server-side Curl frameworks this was no doubt understandable. But when I am working in a framework such as server-side Smalltalk ( in this case, Seaside 3 in Pharo Smalltalk ) it is a vexation.

Today, with the emphasis on CAEDE, what can the rationale be for keeping this legacy code out of an open-source repository ?

At some point, Curl will become a topic of interest in the history of MIT CS and it will be sad if no plan is in place for a legacy code escrow if only in PDF files.

One need only look at the plight of cinema history, where far too often there was no plan for archiving negatives and preserving intact prints from the early days of cinema. Even films from the 60's now often must be cobbled together from surviving prints.

History is documents. And in the case of programming, that is code. Is there a plan for Curl? Was it even thought of at the time of the MIT spin-off ? When looking to the future, it is understandable to forget that someone in the future will look to the past ....

Example : expression-based programming language ICON will likely be preserved at Dept. of CS, U AZ , Tucson, but the papers of the late Ralph Griswold are at UMN, MPLS ....

Example : Bach, J.S. Very little thought was given to preserving the work of the "old" Bach and in some cases Bach comes down to us through sheer good fortune ... but scholars fear much was lost.

Which CS dept in Japan has a close relationship with CS at MIT ?

RE: server-side Curl issue : TocDocument - RobertShiplett - 05-21-2013

another class implicated in TocDocument instances : BrowserTextFlowBox

RE: server-side Curl issue : TocDocument - RobertShiplett - 05-21-2013

another such class : SectionInfo

RE: server-side Curl issue : TocDocument - Sumeraxe - 02-09-2015


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