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Firefox 17 config issue - RobertShiplett - 05-28-2013

If we cannot release a patch, then perhaps the web site installation notes should be upgraded to add the about:config fix especially for Centos 6.4 for Firefox 17.

I.e., as Curl WBardwell advised,

enter about:config as the browser address

Right-click and select NEW then BOOLEAN


as the key and then accept the default FALSE as the value, i.e., = false

We should also note if there are issues in running CentOS 64-bit ( I have not succeeded except with CentOS 6.4 i386 ) even in VirtualBox.

The install prep notes for Unbuntu 12.04LTS should involve more than libstdc++ warning to avoid error on NOT FOUND.

Are there other issues that I have forgotten ?