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Curl JavaScript bytecodes - RobertShiplett - 06-19-2013

The attached is a screenshot of a Curl page generated at my CentOS VPS server using node.js + express + nunjucks (the latter for templating.)

The Curl applet is a variable in JavaScript whose content is constructed from three parts : a nunjucks template for a curl applet, an scurl file containing the poems and an scurl file containing the text formats to use for this page.

This should give an idea of how easily a Curl xcurl file on the server could implement such an HTTP server.

Once the page has been presented, edits to the scurl files have no impact on the page presented by the server until the server is restarted.

My default extension for the nunjucks template is .ncurl

[Image: node-curl-test31.jpg]

And it is fun, too !

The test URL for the above server-generated Curl document is