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forced applet resync
07-13-2012, 12:20 PM,
RE: forced applet resync
The HTML wrapper header settings will not have any effect on the Curl applet on their own, it just tells the web browser to pretend that it got those headers with the HTML page. (If you also changed the URL to the applet in the HTML then it could help.) I think that something must still be caching the Curl applet. If the applet is purged from the Curl RTE, then it is not the RTE caching it. IIS will cache files sometimes, so it could be IIS's fault (other web servers do that too, you can test it by loading from the web server directly with telnet/cURL/wget/some other web browser.) It could also be that the web browser has cached the Curl applet, the best way to fix that is to configure your web server to send the proper Cache-Control headers (max-age=0 should be all that you need) for the Curl applet. It is also possible that you have a proxy in between the web server and the web browser, and proper Cache-Control headers often help in that case, but it depends on how the proxy is configured.

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forced applet resync - by RobertShiplett - 07-12-2012, 11:17 PM
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