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Can we fix Docs Viewer?
02-12-2012, 11:55 PM,
Can we fix Docs Viewer?
I have asked the question

Can we fix the Curl Documentation Viewer

over in the general forum.

Some developers have a strange reluctance not to set control backgrounds - the developers of Evernote, for example - and some other web app's with pay-for-use "PRO" versions.

In our case, not setting the control-content-background for the docs viewer IDE search fields is an egregious oversight and NOT "go with the user settings".

In my case it defeats trying to save the battery life of my Curl Docs viewer device.

Really smart app's would offer the user the option to "Correct text fields for contrast" just as they offer an option for text field font family and font size. Color contrast is well-understood in desktop and web app design.

But will we fix this? The Viewer is required even for Eclipse developers.

Even worse: the entire "Bookmarks" control is rendered useless as black text vanishes on the dark background.

My various efforts to resolve this in the Controls results in documentation pages with such hopeless results as yellow text on white backgrounds. So there is no easy work-around that I have yet found.

Will we place this otherwise excellent "Demo" of Curl abilities in open source at SourceForge and allow community participants to maintain it?

Robert Shiplett, Curlr
Fredericton NB


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