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Curl Version 7 Sample Application: Curl eyeDecide
07-01-2011, 09:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-01-2011, 11:31 AM by ashimo.)
Curl Version 7 Sample Application: Curl eyeDecide
Curl eyeDecide is an application built using Curl's recently released Version 7 Enterprise RIA platform. Designed by Involution Studios, it features complex visual analysis of global data from, and demonstrates the value of visualization in the analysis of complex data. Curl eyeDecide provides visual analysis of population, economic, environmental, and health indicators to give insight into global trends. With Curl eyeDecide, users will be able to examine the cause and effect of metrics such as income per capita, and life expectancy. By offering multiple linked views of different data sets, and visualizing the data as it changes over time, Curl eyeDecide enables key causes and effects to be easily spotted.

Curl eyeDecide highlights several features in Curl Version 7:
  • As a detached applet, it runs independently of the browser, in its own view, and is accessible from desktop and start menu.
  • As an "occasionally connected computing" (OCC) applet, it is installed on the local machine, so as to be available for use when disconnected. Like any web delivered application however, it is automatically updated whenever is is launched when connected.
  • It uses an embedded SQLite database for local data storage.
  • It demonstrates Curl's new SplashScreen API.

Once you have installed and launched the application, you can immediately start exploring its features. To learn more about the application, click on the "Curl eyeDecide" text at the top right corner of the window. There you will also find a help document to guide you through the various features.

Installation Notes

The URL for installing the Curl eyeDecide application directly from the Curl Developer Center is

Limitations in the infrastructure of this Web site prevent making the above link directly clickable, but if you paste the above URL into the address field of your browser, you can install the Curl eyeDecide application on your system. You will need to have the current Curl Version 7 RTE installed on your machine first. (NOTE: If you are running Firefox, you may see a popup window asking whether to run the Curl RTE File Loader. After you authorize this operation, the installation window for the Curl eyeDecide application will be displayed.)

This demo requires Curl Version 7. If you're using earlier, beta releases, you will get a "This library is not compatible with early beta releases" error.

Release Notes

The release notes are available here.

Source Code

If you want to see how the Curl eyeDecide sample works, please download the attached zip file, which contains all the source files used to build the application. You can modify these source files to create your own variations.

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