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large TocDocument in 64-bit browser - RobertShiplett - 01-19-2014

I am able to run browser applets as very large 8.0 TocDocument in 64-bit browsers on Windows 7 64-bit - applets which are simply one, single, very large Curl document ( ~ 30k lines ) on one of my poetry websites.

However, these same Curl files throw up a Curl debugger and fail with a stack overflow in any 32-bit browser on Windows XP.

Does anyone have a URL link to technical reference which would indicate the basis for what I am finding with these applets ? The RTE is the Caede 2.1 which I call "0.0.4" and the IDE shows as Curl Pro/IDE 8.0.1004 ( the RTE Curl manager gives

CurlĀ® Runtime Environment
Build: 8.0.4



I am using the large TocDocument's for my own research, so this is not a "question" to which I need an answer. Wink

I am not using the Curl IDE to assemble these long Curl documents ... just a good old programming editor (not eclipse, or called from eclipse) Sleepy as I am busy making various encoding and formatting changes of disparate literary texts in Japanese. These materials may end up being processed by Rebol "Red" or Rebol3 or ObjectIcon to get away from REGEXP without going as far as Logtalk + Prolog before mutating into epub3.

There is, of course, no "problem" here that loading PCurl's and/or dynamic options in Curl cannot solve.

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