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Page 7: Summary - ashimo - 06-20-2011

TRY 5 Summary

Reading and writing data from/to a file

Step 1. Specifying the location of a file

let location_variable_name:Url = {url “path to file location”}

Step 2. Opening file as a Stream

  • TextInputStream (read)
  • TextOutputStream (write)

let stream_variable_name:TextInputStream = {read-open location_variable_name}
let stream_variable_name:TextOutputStream = {write-open location_variable_name}

Step 3. Using methods to read or write data
  • Methods such as read-line or write-one-string

Step 4. Closing the file

{if-non-null stream_variable_name then

Repeat Expressions

until expression (processing repeats until conditional expression is true)

{until conditional_expression do

for expression (specifying a range)

{for repeat variable:int = initial_value to final_value step step_size value do

As well as to, there are also the below, downto, and above keywords. The step_size can be omitted when the desired step_size is 1.

for expression (repeats only the values among the elements of a collection, such as an array)

{for element_variable:element_type key key_variable[:key type] in (collection) name do

Note that element_variable:Element_type or key key_variable: key_type can be omitted.

Exception Processing

    Processing in which an exception may occur.
catch exception_variable_name: exception
    Exception Processing
    Processing that must be performed regardless of whether an exception occurs

The catch and finally clauses can be omitted. Also, each try can be declared more than once.