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アンドロイド のアプリケーションの機能 - RobertShiplett - 03-04-2013

re: Curlのアンドロイド のアプリケーションの機能

topic: GTD and personal wiki WikiAndPad app for Android

WikidPad is soon to release WikiAndPad for Android

The WikidPad personal wiki currently will export to HTML.

What if the WikiAndPad Android app could send a Curl export to a Caede "App-Me-SVP" server-side app ?

I will be doing Curl export as a Python add-in for WikidPad if it continues to be my personal wiki of choice ...

We would want to get the wiki markup pre-tuned (ask the user to make some choices) before hand-off to CAEDE app on server-side.

Is there any other "DCURL-my-wiki-SVP" idea out there for regular desktop OS's ?