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Ray Tracing - ashimo - 07-01-2011

This code sample does 3D rendering using rendering algorithms directly programmed in Curl software, showing the high performance of code generated by the Curl compiler. The Curl content language is also showcased, since active elements are mixed in with, and controlled from, the accompanying descriptive text.

If it's hard to believe that ray tracing can be done in real time by a plug-in, you can use the mouse to move the light and watch the shadows change, or turn the lake to plastic.

To learn more, read The Coolest Interactive Ray Tracing Tutorial on the Web, which is totally written in Curl and contains a nice gallery of ray traced Curl procedural graphics.

To run the Ray Tracing application click on the link below.

Ray Tracing

Download the zip file attachment below to get the complete source for the Ray Tracing application.

You will also need the to download and unzip the Styled Controls package from the link below. The
unzipped contents should be placed alongside the unzipped raytracing source.

Styled Controls Package Zip File