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anchor issue
06-10-2012, 07:36 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-10-2012, 10:52 AM by RobertShiplett.)
anchor issue
The English language release notes for 8.0.0 at appear to me to understate the issue with HTML URL #anchor as in Windows IE and Firefox

For example, this link works in a Curl applet:

{link href={url "山%23Kanji"}, yama}

but this link does not:

{link href={url ""},
雲 }

It appears that no anchor following a leaf ending with an extension works in any browser.

This link also does NOT work in a Curl applet

{link href={url ""}, 雲 }

but DOES work in all browsers.

Using {set-leaf } and {set-anchor } and then the final resulting Url object has no effect.

Note that {set-anchor } will not accept %23 in place of '#'.

I have found no combination of {parse-url } or {url-encode-string } which will result in success any more with

{browse-url } than with {link } .

IE's status bar shows that the anchor IS SET as does a dump of this-url.anchor to {output }

Here are 4 test links:

{link href= {url ""}, TEST1}

{link href= {url "山%23Kanji"}, TEST2}

{link href= {url ""}, TEST3}

{link href= {url "山#Kanji"}, TEST4}

Can you show me an address ending in a .html where the #anchor works ?

The problem is not just with {destination } across Curl applets.

Is there a way to make what works here

{link href={url ""}, wp}

work for a page such as "Curl_programming_language.html%23Design_patterns"



or simply

{url-encode-string maybe-has-anchor? = true, "Curl_programming_language.html#Design_patterns"}


Note: this DOES work:

{link href={url {url-encode-string "山#Kanji"}}, yama}

but this FAILS:

{link href={url {url-encode-string ""}}, cloud}

and this is NO help:

{link href={url {url-encode-string maybe-has-anchor? = true, ""}}, cloud}

To make matters worse, how are we to interpret this documentation? It reads, quote:

possibly in combination with the maybe-has-query? and maybe-has-anchor? parameters.

maybe-has-query?: This parameter is for Curl, Inc. internal use only, and should never be supplied.


Are we able to ask: Which is it? Possibly With? Or is it Should Never Be Supplied ?

And no, {canonicalize } has been of no use in this matter.

Robert Shiplett, Curlr
Fredericton NB


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