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choose-file で初期提案ファイル名を指定したい
09-17-2013, 08:18 PM,
RE: choose-file で初期提案ファイル名を指定したい
wbardwel さん



現時点で、私は、dearult-locationを [c:\]を基底フォルダとして、設定しています。([c:\hoge.txt]のように)
多くのWindows ユーザーは、PCの中に [c:\] が存在するので、


It is my purpose that it does not depend on the environment of the user's PC, to display the file name of the default at file dialog.

It means without the specified folder, just specify the file name.

At the moment, my workaround is setting a path with a base drive name, like [c:/hoge.txt]

Most of Windows user's PC has C drive.
So, this way will be success in many cases, to display the file name at file dialog.

However, in this way, there is problem which it willbe display C drive initially , each time you show the file dialog.

Usualy, may user would expect to display the same folder where you saved last time initially.

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