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anchor issue
06-24-2012, 11:57 AM,
RE: anchor issue
The trouble with anchors is that many browsers have (in the past anyway) behaved very badly when URLs to non-HTML pages had anchors, and especially when file: Urls had anchors. So the code strips off the anchor and then has special code to make it take effect for Curl applets.
There might be a way to double encode the anchor and get it to work, but there may not be, you can experiment. This issue was the collateral damage for getting browsing to Curl applets to work better.

Those two maybe-* parameters just make the code look for a # and a ? and if it finds those it skips
encoding starting at which ever of them is first. Setting either of them will not help your issue, because they make it encode less, not more. (Basically they can be used when encoding a string that might already be encoded, but doing that is kind of dangerous unless you know more about the state of the string.)

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