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08-05-2011, 04:33 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-05-2011, 04:34 PM by alchimiste.)

It' very very very hot in Seoul...

I would like to know what BlitException is and in which case it occurs in general.

It happens when Windows returns from a screen saver for a long time(about more than 30minutes).

Curl Version is 4.0.8 and OS is Windows7.

Details of this error are as below:

BlitException: StretchBlt() failed (error 0x00000008)
#0 BlitException.throw (0x0353da01+33)
(args: 0x68ebf14 0x724234c 0x1 0x603185c 0x1a11c30 0x8)
#1 hdc-stretch-from-hdc (0x05fbea36+118)
(args: 0x480114e3 0x0 0x29c 0x500 0x11b 0xc401228e)
#2 GdiInternalDrawable.blit-to-hdc (0x05fbe9ad+49)
(args: 0x724234c 0x480114e3 0x0 0x29c 0x500 0x11b)
#3 CommonDrawable.blit-to-hdc (0x05fbe88f+111)
(args: 0x633bde4 0x480114e3 0x0 0x29c 0x500 0x11b)
#4 PartialUpdateWindow.copy-from-back-buffer (0x05fbe737+307)
(args: 0x11b 0x0 0x80000000 0x74d6f97d 0x3fc6a525 0xf7315004)
#5 PartialUpdateWindow.swap-buffers (0x05fa271f+459)
(args: 0x633be00 0x0 0x52faa48 0x50d39e8 0x398f804 0x1)
#6 View.handle-repaint-request (0x05fa051d+277)
(args: 0x398f804 0x51470cc 0x52faa48 0x0 0x368f498 0x368f47c)
#7 [{proc} inside View.window-event-handlers] (0x05fa03fa+82)
(args: 0x50d39e8 0x5147184 0x535c18c 0x535c18c 0x368f538 0x3b642b8)
#8 closure_raw_handler (0x019d14c2+26)
(args: 0x50d39e8 0x5147184 0x3c37ea4 0x1 0x3d 0x52fa8e0)
#9 EventTarget.handle-event (0x03b642b7+175)
(args: 0x5147184 0x50d39e8 0x4d89a9c 0x50d39e8 0x1 0x368f568)
#10 Window.handle-event (0x05f98966+102)
(args: 0x51470cc 0x50d39e8 0x51470cc 0x368f594 0x5fa0170 0x50d39e8)
#11 (0x05f9bec1+17)
(args: 0x50d39e8 0x50d39e8 0x4d8a40c 0x4d89a9c 0x24c4f2c 0x607741c)
#12 (0x05fa016f+83)
(args: 0x51470cc 0x52faa48 0x52faa3c 0x334f004 0x368f604 0x368f67c)
#13 Window.update-window (0x05f9bdaf+99)
(args: 0x51470cc 0x368f604 0x334f004 0x1 0x1 0x1a371d4)
#14 Window.update-windows (0x05f9bced+341)
(args: 0x368f704 0x325dfd7 0x334d564 0x336a004 0x1a34e44 0x3)
#15 Win32EventCheckerHandler.last (0x05f9bb78+20)
(args: 0x334d564 0x336a004 0x1a34e44 0x3 0xd 0x1a6903c)
#16 EventChecker.filter-or-wait-or-next-or-last (0x0325dfd6+794)
(args: 0x3 0x3 0x336a004 0x0 0x0 0x0)
#17 EventQueue.dispatch-events-aux (0x03261470+152)
(args: 0x1 0x0 0x0 0x6346f304 0x0 0x3c)
#18 EventQueue.dispatch-events (0x0326132c+156)
(args: 0x3360020 0x1 0x6346f46c 0x2 0x0 0x0)
#19 dispatch-events (0x03261255+53)
(args: 0x1 0x368f804 0x6346f46c 0x24c7434 0x3bb0000 0x2227a)
#20 event-loop (?) (0x03261219+9)
(args: 0x24c7434 0x3bb0000 0x2227a 0x3bea739 0x1a332cc 0x368f8ac)
#21 run-surge-lab (0x6346f46b+359) at curl://install-5/ide/packages/CURL.IDE.MAIN.pcurl:??
(args: 0x336abd4 0x334b00c 0x1 0x0 0x63466640 0x6346f304)
#22 become-surge-lab-aux (0x0396c8e8+472)
(args: 0x0 0xe187 0x334b00c 0x3362004 0x3991324 0x399131c)
#23 become-surge-lab (0x0396c6e2+194)
(args: 0x3991324 0x1 0x64 0x337300c 0x337319c 0x1a332cc)
#24 [initializer for CURL.APPS.SURGE-LAB] (0x039599b2+202)
(args: 0x334516c 0x368fa08 0x0 0x19f3620 0x368f9ec 0x39598df)
#25 really-initialize-package (0x019fd42d+93)
(args: 0x337300c 0x334e004 0x368fb90 0x325d1e7 0x336bd04 0x1)
#26 import-and-run-script (0x039598de+62)
(args: 0x336bd04 0x1 0x0 0x334b040 0x1a332cc 0x368fa5c)
#27 init-and-run-curl-in-this-process (0x0325d1e6+926)
(args: 0x334d004 0x325b306 0x246 0x368fdec 0x368fbe0 0x334f138)
#28 init-and-run-curl-in-this-process-no-ret (0x0325ce1d+13)
(args: 0x334d004 0x368fbe0 0x334f004 0x3 0x1 0x1a36d0c)
#29 (0x0325b305+1017)
(args: 0x334d004 0x368fd5c 0x325aedf 0x3348028 0x368ff04 0x32569ba)
#30 (0x0325af06+10)
(args: 0x3348028 0x368ff04 0x32569ba 0x334f004 0x3 0x334f004)
#31 curl-thread-really-really-call-run-in-runnable (0x0325aede+18)
(args: 0x334f004 0x3 0x334f004 0x1a62190 0x368fdec 0x334f004)
#32 curl-thread-really-call-run-in-runnable (0x032569b9+233)
(args: 0x334f004 0x368ff1c 0x1a10568 0x1a2d05c 0x0 0x0)

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