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DCurl and CSPD
05-17-2012, 09:42 AM,
RE: DCurl and CSPD
There might be some misunderstanding about using CSPD.
Accessing CSPD simply doesn't need permission from a user, so calling {request-local-data-permission} is meaningless.
Rule is simple here, if the applet is a priviledged one, you have no limitation on using CSPD, if the applet is not a priviledged one, then you have limitations I listed in my former post.
{request-local-data-permission} is a proc called by occ applet, before copying an applet and it's resources to a local machine (where the location could be accessed using urls starting with "curl://local-data/".
If you still meet exceptions, could you post the detailed raw errror message here?
By the way, technically, running an applet locally need no license .

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