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Image Filters
07-01-2011, 10:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-01-2011, 11:38 AM by ashimo.)
Image Filters
Explore the operation of various 2D image filters that are built into the Curl RTE. This is a code sample created to help you understand how the Curl language's built-in graphics filters work and are used.

Each of the filters presented here can be used and applied to any graphical element in your application.

By selecting one of the available filters from the drop-down list and then altering the configurable parameter using the slide bar, it is easy to see the generated effect.

While demonstrating and teaching the various graphics filters, this demo also shows:
  • Client-side processing performing an operation on a graphic without any server interaction.
  • Utilization of the same graphic file being rendered in multiple ways, reducing the overall page download size.
It is easy to imagine having these filters applied to images using programmatic methods to create simple animation effects.

This sample code also shows how custom controls for Web applications are created using the same technology as the image processing, highlighting the flexible nature of Curl.

Very simply:
  • click on the drop down list and select an image filter to apply
  • slide the scroll bar to alter the magnitude of the effect
  • to use the effect in your application, highlight the line of code generated, then copy and paste it into your program.

To run the Image Filter application click on the link below.

Image Filters

Download the zip file attachment below to get the complete source for the Image Filter application.

You will also need the to download and unzip the Styled Controls package from the link below. The
unzipped contents should be placed alongside the unzipped Image Filters demo source.

Styled Controls Package Zip File

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