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context menu and AttachEvent
06-18-2012, 11:25 PM,
context menu and AttachEvent
For a long time now it has been my habit to obscure an applet by using first


followed later by

{on ae:AttachEvent do
set ae.root-frame.context-menu-for-view = null

but lately I have often found the following to be far more useful for text applets:

{on ae:AttachEvent at vb:VBox do
set vb.context-menu-for-view = ae.root-frame.context-menu-for-text-field
set ae.root-frame.context-menu-for-view = vb.context-menu-for-view

Any suggestions for improvement or alternatives are welcome.


(especially to correct my invitations above or below !)


Robert Shiplett, Curlr
Fredericton NB


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