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Style Designer
07-01-2011, 10:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-01-2011, 11:34 AM by ashimo.)
Style Designer
Note 22 May 2009: Another update for 7.0 Added a ScrollBox to improve the appearance if the window is small.

The Style Designer is a Curl applet that allows you to create a skin and style sheet for the styled controls that were introduced with Version 6.0 of the Curl RTE. Use this applet to create your own unique look for the Curl styled controls.

The left side of the applet is a collection of properties for the the skinnable Curl controls. Adjust the colors, highlighting, and other attributes to design a look that you like. The sample dialogs on the right hand side of the window show you what the controls look like when your skin is installed.

The Style Designer maintains a collection of styles in a file. Use New Style or Clone Style to create a new style. Use the drop down list in the upper right to select the style you want to work with. You can export and import one style at a time to a text file. This is useful if you want to share or exchange one or a few styles with others.

When you create a new style all colors are shades of gray. The Clone Style operation will create a new style that looks just like the current style. This makes it easy to experiment with variations on a style without losing the original. When you are happy with a style you've created you can write out a style sheet file that you can use in any Curl applets you develop. Choose Write Style Sheet... from the File menu to write out a Curl style sheet.

Some sample styles are provided in the file sample-styles.csv (right-click to download).

The Style Designer is designed to run as a Curl detached applet, meaning that it can run from the web but without a web browser. To launch the Style Designer as a detached applet. Due to limitations in the markup for user-created content on this web site, please paste this link into your browser: curl://launch/

The applet works like a traditional desktop application. The styles you design are stored in a file which is saved on your local disk drive or network. Choose New from the File menu to create a new file. Choose Save or Save As... to save the file. (It happens to use csv "comma separated value" files, mainly because it was easy to do in Curl.)

The style designer source code is attached. You may want to make your own improvements, or you may just want to read the code to see how it works. Once you have unzipped the files you can run the applet from your local hard disk. However, note that you will need to grant the applet permission to run locally via the Curl Control Panel.

To launch the applet from your hard disk, navigate to the style-designer folder and double-click on style-designer.dcurl. If you haven't already granted privileges to the style-designer directory, the applet will fail because it cannot read from a local drive without permission. Once you have granted privileges, double clicking this file will launch the application.

Here's how to give the applet permission to read and write local files. When the Curl RTE is running, click the Curl RTE icon on the Windows task bar to bring up the Curl control panel. Select the Security tab, then click the This Computer section heading to open the security settings for your computer. Click the Add Privileged Directory... link and enter the directory where you unzipped the Style Designer (or a parent directory). Click OK. From now on, any Curl applet launched from this directory will have full access to the local machine. Double-click on style-designer.dcurl to launch it from your local drive.


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