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TDD with Curl (part 3)
10-27-2011, 10:45 PM,
TDD with Curl (part 3)

Test-driven development does not mean ALWAYS having to take tiny steps - just that when
the need arises, that you must be confortable proceeding by small increments.
So I have taken a large step and built a prototype (the file is attached.) Building the
prototype raised many testing issues which belong on a ToDo list.

Attached below are also two snaps of the prototype as normally extended and as

Two issues which may arise can be seen in the elastics.curl file which is attached.
One issue can be seen when not using a Label on a CheckBox: compressing the box will
compress the active area of the actual "check-here" graphic. But the Label itself requires to
be set to compress correctly.

Another issue arises when using TextFlowBox for a single line of text, such as our "Dawson
Creek" in the center of our test widget. The simple way to prevent a line from wrapping as a
box compresses is use escaped spaces in the text, as in "Dawson\ Creek".

But was it a requirement that our box be able to shrink correctly? Well, a mobile
user may be the most likely user to want a view of which towns are in which
direction, so we need to add ToolTip to the ToDo list. And we need to test towns
with rather long names both as the "central" location and as the "geo-link"
locations. And when you get far enough north, there may be only one town to
the SE and one to the SW – so we have to test for links from 0 to 8 and then n > 8 as an error ...

I started the prototype in a Curl live-doc {example } window and then moved into Eclipse
where most issues were caught by the CDE. What is important now is to set aside the
prototype and return to our next tests. What the prototype does contain is a great deal of
redundant code and a great many constant values rather than variables.
And we should remember that Curl now has ValueClass as an option, should that prove

For the final widget we may want to add to the ToDo list both StyledControls and
StyleSheets with StyleRule's.
Robert Shiplett, Curlr
Fredericton NB


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