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Page 7: Summary
06-16-2011, 03:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-23-2011, 04:03 PM by ashimo.)
Page 7: Summary
TRY 2 Overview

Event handler structure


{on event-type do body}
{on event-type at target-var[:target-type] do body}
{on event-var:event-type at target-var[:target-type] do body}

  • event-var:event-type: binds a variable to the event.
  • target-var[:target-type]: binds a variable to the target.
  • body is the code for the event handler procedure.

Branching expressions


{if condition-1 then
elseif condition-2 then
elseif condition-3 then
elseif condition-n then

  • condition-1, condition-2, ...: are Boolean expressions.
  • code-block-1, code-block-2, ...: each consist of one or more Curl language expressions.


The switch expression has the following syntax:

{switch compare-expr [using compare-operator]
     case value-1 do
     case value-2 do
     case value-n do
        [else code-block-n+1]

  • compare-expr, value-1, value-2, value-n: are Curl language expressions. These expressions can evaluate to any Curl language type.
  • compare-operator: the operator that the Curl language uses when comparing compare-expr to value-1, value-2, and so on.
  • code-block-1, code-block-2, code-block-n: consist of one or more Curl language expressions.

Types of graphical containers

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