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Page 1: Reading Our Score Data
06-20-2011, 01:12 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-23-2011, 04:43 PM by ashimo.)
Page 1: Reading Our Score Data
Try 5: Reading Our Score Data

Please download the file by selecting the following link:

Unzip the contents to the C:\Curl directory. This is the working directory for all the examples and exercises contained within this tutorial. Note: If C:\Curl has not already been created, you can create it now.

Basics: Reading Data from a File, Line by Line

Create the 'Try 5-1' Project

Close the Try 4 project and then, from the IDE 'File' menu, select 'New Project'. In the 'New Project' dialog box, select “Applet Project” (1), input “Try5-1” (2), specify c:\Curl\lesson\Try5\01_read_file in the “Directory” field (3), set the API Version to 6.0 (4), and then click OK (5).

Inputting the Program

Copy the c:\Curl\Try5\01_read_file\data.txt file to c:\Curl\lesson\Try5\01_read_file. Next, we’ll input the program. You can copy the program code below or use c:\Curl\Try5\01_read_file\start.curl and then paste it into the editor in the IDE.

let loc:Url = {url data.txt}
let input:#TextInputStream
let data-array:StringArray = {StringArray}
let list:DropdownList = {DropdownList width = 5cm}

     set input = {read-open loc}
     {until input.end-of-stream? do
         {if-non-null line = {} then
             {data-array.append {}}
  catch e:IOException do
     {popup-message An error reading the file has occurred.}
     {output e.message}
     {if-non-null input then

{for s:String in data-array do
     {list.append s}

     {on ValueChanged at lb:DropdownList do
         {popup-message lb.value &  was selected}

     Please select a state,

Save the File, and then Execute the Program

After inputting the code, save the file, and then execute the program. The following result will appear in your browser.

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